Wednesday, 5 March 2014


أنا عم بتعرّف على سوريا من خلال التعرّف على شعبها, سوريا ليست شوارع وباطون فقط, سوريا حيّة بشعبها وأنا أتوق للتعرّف عليها.
فاجلس لساعات أتسمّع لقصصهم ومشاكلهم وأحلامهم, نشارك الابتسامات والدموع, نشارك الكحول والأكل ونعلّم بعضنا بعض المصطلحات والتعابير.
أشعر ببعض الذنب للتفكير بهذه الطريقة لكن أنا فرحانة انه صار عندي رفاق من سوريا, وأنا مبسوطة لاكتشافي انه ليس هناك فرق كبير بيننا

On the Road to Liberation

If I could dream of a world where I wouldn’t cry to my mother wishing I was born a male.

What is it like for women to be liberated?

Is it simply a mindset? Is it about having a voice? Is it about being capable to work, to live her life independently as she wants?

It is all crucial in the journey of liberating myself, but we need to stop expecting couple of laws, and couple of awareness campaigns to liberate us.

We live in the illusion that if we ran for elections and won seats, that if we reached high positions in the company or even opened our own company, if we provide the financial stability in our families, we will be free.

We forget that our voice isn’t yet being heard unless we become “something”.

That we still have to walk 10 times harder to reach a position or be taken seriously.

That we have to struggle daily for our basics rights.

That we walk in fear of being harassed or raped or judged every day.

That we are still expected to submit, to obey and not question.

Why don’t we ever see the whole system that is enslaving us?

How capitalism, religious institutions, media, traditions and ideologies… are all tied together to create our prison.

How it is not, how I view gender or how I dress, that will free me.

a conversation with an activist

I listen to them desperate for a change, full of passion and motivation, but it doesn’t move me.

I listen to them in boredom, yawning here and there.

Stuck in a cycle on repeat.

They think that the reason they failed is because they never tried enough, what if we push harder, put more effort, talk more to people, be more on the ground, be more aggressive, be more more more.

How about you stop and so we can sit together and come up with something else?

The world is bleeding reine, we can’t stop and put a pause to figure something else, we need to stop the bleeding first.

But! But! You can’t stop the bleeding now.

The world will constantly bleed, regardless of the effort that you put trying to stop the bleeding.

You have to tackle the source of the bleeding and for that, you need to pause and think.

Pause? And keep the world bleeding? Do you hear yourself?

We have to sacrifice, I know it hurts to see it bleed now, but we have to sacrifice because it is the only option that hasn’t been attempted yet. You can’t throw me in your guilt trap, we are all bleeding, and few months have been enough to show me that our tactics would fail treating the symptoms.

You want to create something from scratch? We don’t have an alternative solution and we have no time to create one, this is urgent!!!

We will constantly be in an urgent state because the problem is not being treated… when will you make the choice to stop wasting your energy and sit with me to work.

Do you have something?


Then I am leaving.