Sunday, 15 September 2013

أردت الثورة

أردت الثورة
عندما ولدت بمجتمع مغتصب
تربّيت على الصمت
انتهكني واضعاً يداه على فمي
خوفاً من أن أهرب صوتاً
اغتصب حريتي بالفكر والشّك
فعرّف عني بالكافرة
اعتدى على جسمي وقال
نحن السلطة
فأردت الثورة
على المجتمع الذي لقّبني بفاجرة
عندما اخترت ان استرجع عذريّتي
وأملك نفسي
وأثور على كل سلطة 
لمست جسمي وأفكاري بالقوّة
أردت الثورة لأستعيد نفسي

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


انشقاق ذاتي حاد
وكأن أحد دسّ المخدر بشرابي
يمكن أن أكون أفرغت كل محتواياتي من أحاسيس ومشاعر ليلة أمس
وأنا مستلقية على جنبي
أصارع لأتنفس
وكأنني أحاول رفع الثقل عن صدري
أريد أن أنام
ولكن النوم لن ينفع
فتعبي هو تعب لا يريحه النّوم
أريد أن أبتسم ولكن دموعي خدّرت وجهي
سخرية الحياة بأن تموت عندما تختار الحياة
كم أكره نظراتك عندما تراني أعاني
قلت لي سوف تكون قوياً
ولكنني أعرف انك ستتألم
أعرف انك ستشعر بالعجز
ولا أريد أن أراك تعاني
أريد الانشقاق
انشقاق من نفسي
من جسدي
من العالم
من أحلامي
انشقاق ذاتي حاد


Thursday, 5 September 2013

ما الذي يحررك؟

أعطني قبل من دون وعود
لمسات من دون قيود
أحاديثنا سلاحاً لمحاربة  تعب الحياة
غارقة بالتّوق لما هو خارج عن المألوف
أتوق للمسة
تهزّ جوهر كياني
وتنزلني على ركبي
أتوق لأن تدمّرني
من دون شفقة أو تردد
الخروج من القوقعة
من الخمول
من التخدّر
أدفع نفسي خارج نفسي
وأرقص على طبول شغفك
قل لي
ما الذي يحررك؟


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Thoughts about Violence

At times we are put in situations of violence where we are pushed to use violence in order to resist and defend ourselves and break the cycle.
People often stand up against violence not because of the act itself but because of what it causes.
In violent acts there is a force being exerted on the other.
Violent acts are often described as unjust, abusive and violating.
If the two groups involved in a conflict decide to use violence as a method, there will always be an oppressed and an oppressor. The roles might change from one to another depending on who is exerting the violence more and how.
In most of the cases, if we are fighting the system, I think the system would win considering they have the most resources and it is their main and only method to fight.  
What I am trying to say is if we are fighting not to be oppressed, why do we use tactics that would create by its nature an environment of oppression?

If you hold a weapon in the face of your enemy who is armed, the enemy might justify the violence he/she is exerting on you by accusing you of exerting violence yourself.
The person using violence is often taught to dehumanize people and you make it easier for the other person to kill you.
It is much harder when you face the person exerting violence on you as a human.
It is essential to treat the other as a human and acknowledge the other as a human.
In case of robbery or kidnap, they often advice the people to always share personal stories about their lives with the person kidnapping them, because it will make it harder for the person not to see them as humans and sympathize with them.
I also heard from a soldier that one of the reasons soldiers put glasses and hide their faces is so you won’t make eye contact with them.

I do sound Ideal most of the times but I am attempting to break a cycle that I see being repeated.
I do not judge people who use violence, I could see myself with a weapon killing someone in certain circumstances, but I think it is essential to be aware of the cycle of violence, and to keep seeking better methods, and not to fall in satisfying our anger and our desire to revenge.

I have seen that in the end, there is no winner, the oppressor and the person oppressed, will both suffer from the violence exerted on them and from the violence they exerted on others.

for further read, check the small booklet  the road to freedom by Hanibaael Naim